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Highlight technology that touches our daily lives for the 15th edition of the beloved winter Wired pop-up store. The emphasis was to highlight technology that touches our daily lives, including products that keep us warm, help with our cooking, look-out for our safety, and make us smile. 2018 marked N/A’s third year partnering with the publication, posing the challenge of how to continuously push the design and flow of the experience to keep it fresh.



A 2,600 square-foot open space, designed to be a 360-degree shopping experience with multiple entry points and exciting demo opportunities. Contemporary architectural motifs with earth centric materials such as stone, wood, recessed warm lighting and a custom geometric inspired structure elevated the shopping experience. No detail is overlooked at the WIRED Store, we took care in integrating small details and thoughtful touches throughout the store design, product curation, and guest experience. Commuters, shoppers and visitors alike were invited into the space to immerse themselves into the world of WIRED and Verizon. From both corridor entrances, neon signage drew guests into the Store - shelves lined with gadgets, technology, and toys for all.