NA Collective

Twitter City CES

Twitter: #TwitterCity CES

Event Concept & Design
Interior/Set Design
Prop Styling
Scenic Fabrication
Event Production & Management

The Challenge
For CES 2016 Twitter asked NA Collective to build a physical city within the confines of four ballrooms in The Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas. Twitter City appeared and functioned as a living, breathing communal ecosystem, with every element purposefully included to showcase a real-life Twitter case study.

The concept started as a fictional place with no history, native or defining characteristics or language. As the founders and architects, we began by asking ourselves “What will Twitter City look like? What will it sound like? What will it feel like?” We pulled inspiration from real examples of how Twitter is used in the world, such as tweeting for pizza, emoji battles during the NBA finals, and tweeting potholes. The foundation of the city came together to include townhouses, billboards, a cinema, park, pizzeria, sports bar, outdoor cafe and more.

The Outcome
2016 marked a true shift in approach for Twitter and how they activated their brand space at the Consumer Electronics Show. Traditionally they have looked to bring brands into a space and show them what’s happening on Twitter. This year, by designing an actual city, we provided a landscape to showcase how Twitter is integrated into all parts of our lives. Whether it is sports, music, politics or film, every single passion was represented physically so guests were able to walk into each space and experience Twitter as they would in real life.

2016 BizBash Style Award Winner for Best Corporate Event Concept (over $250K)
2016 Event Design & Technology Silver Winner for Best B-to-B Environment
2017 Gold Ex Award Winner for Best B-to-B Environment