NA Collective was born out of the need for a new breed of agency.


The World’s First Adventure Taxi



One of our most successful and recognizable projects was the See For Yourself campaign activation we created and produced for The North Face in partnership with ACE, Anomaly Content & Entertainment. The brief was to come up with a once in a lifetime consumer experience that could be captured and shared with the masses. The objective was to get consumers inspired and motivated to get out there and see the world for themselves.

The solve was a unique twist on the traditional NYC taxi experience. We surprised and delighted taxi goers by disrupting their daily commute and offering them the chance to go out and experience adventure for themselves. The catch? They had to go right then and there, not an hour later or a week later, literally right then.


Concept Development
Experiential Strategy
Vehicle Design & Fabrication
Location Scouting
Adventure Planning
Film & Photography

I woke up this morning thinking it was just going to be another normal day but right now I’m feeling totally invigorated and really happy to be alive.
— CiCi, North Face Adventurer

When you hail a cab, you’re in a rush. You’re heading to an appointment. You’re late. You’re consumed with the distraction of daily life. The adventure cab provoked people to take a chance, to get out and experience the great outdoors for themselves. For one week we drove around each morning picking up New Yorkers during the morning rush and presented them with a choice: go on with their busy day or do something wonderful and exhilarating. 


Each adventure was filmed and distributed via The North Face’s social channels garnering over 4 million campaign impressions and over 1 million views of the main campaign video alone. We completely changed people’s view of the outdoors and used their experience to inspire millions more.