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Never Go Quiet


Concept Ideation
Experiential Strategy
Content Capture & Strategy
Location Scouting
Scenic Design 
Influencer Outreach & Partnerships
Custom Seeding Kits 
Daily Programming
Event Production & Management 


Build an experience to launch and showcase Jaybird's newest earbud innovation, Vista, while underscoring Jaybird's commitment to fueling an adventurous and athletic lifestyle.


Jaybird and N/A created an immersive 3-day ‘NEVER GO QUIET’ experience against the epic backdrop of Glacier National Park, Montana. The participants - key athletes, influencers and media partners - experienced a wide array of transformative physical challenges. These included a team hiking expedition; a breath-holding performance workshop with Dr. Andy Walshe and Liminal Collective; holistic mindfulness practices and educational experiences like an intimate live podcast with fitness luminary Rich Roll; a mountain-top meditation with ultra-champion Timmy Olson; and a curated menu for athletes served by author and plant-based guru Julie Piatt. But more than that, the ‘NEVER GO QUIET’ experience - hosted by CEO Jamie Parker and global running culture icon Knox Robinson - was successful because it doubled down on Jaybird’s passion and commitment to serving athletes with both game-changing products and meaningful experiences. At the end of 3 days, guests had discovered incredible vistas on breathtaking trail runs, pushed their mental and physical barriers and bonded with each other and the Jaybird brand - all enabled by Jaybird’s greatest innovation yet.

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