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Deadzone Diners

Dixie: Deadzone Diners

Deadzone Scouting
Location Permitting
Set Design
Prop Style
Custom Fabrication
Event Production & Management

The Challenge
Dixie and Droga5 launched the Campaign “Be More Here”, encouraging people to put down their phones during mealtime so that they could be more present in the moments that matter. To take this idea even further we partnered with Droga5 to create the Dixie Deazone Diners. We sent out scouts with cell phones from all carriers specifically to find deadzones. In a city like Los Angeles, everyone is connected all the time and deadzones are extremely rare these days. Believe us, we looked! Usually we avoid these areas, they’re annoying and we all complain about them but that’s exactly what we wanted. After our vast search, we came across the perfect locations; an abandoned underground bank vault, a real-life cave and a park on a remote hillside. In each space we built a unique pop-up style restaurant, creating meal experiences that fostered conversation and encouraged those sacred cell phone free, face-to-face moments.

The Outcome
As part of the campaign Dixie partnered with chef Carla Hall to cook up recipes for the different locations. The remote hillside location only served breakfast, while the cave served delicious ice cream treats and the vault served a traditional diner dinner. Over the course of three days, nearly 1,000 people stopped by the different diners to enjoy a meal together. Even if you couldn’t attend in person, the campaign inspired consumers nationwide to rethink their time spent with loved ones and to enjoy the sacred face-to-face moments that we have with friends and families.