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The Snooze Bar

Casper: The Snooze Bar

Venue Sourcing
Set Design
Prop Styling
Custom Fabrication
Event Management

The Challenge
Casper, the online mattress manufacturer and retailer, was looking for a unique way to introduce new markets to their brand and provide the opportunity to try their mattresses first hand. A pop up retail experience was the perfect solution to do just that. The Snooze Bar, a play on morning’s best friend, the snooze button, reminded consumers of their favorite thing to do, which is to buy themselves 5 more minutes in a Casper bed. We worked together in partnership with Preacher to ensure everything from our communications, to our set design, to how we programmed the events was invitational, worth your valuable time, and designed in a way that isn’t all GO! Instead we demonstrated what happens when you take your time with an experience, and showcase that desire to want to stay in bed just a little while longer.

The Outcome
After debuting in Washington, D.C. The Snooze Bar made appearances in start-up capitals Austin and San Francisco. Guests began their mattress testing excursion by checking in with a concierge, exchanging their shoes for Casper slippers and enjoying a waffle and drink. When it was time for their snooze, they were invited by a Casper sleep professional to their personal canvas tent to curate their nap experience by selecting music and overhead projected video content. Over 3,000 guests enjoyed a personalized nap experience at the Snooze Bar while Casper saw a 63% reservation to trial conversion rate, resulting in a 10% onsite trial to sale conversion.