Concept Ideation
Scenic Design
Custom Fabrication
Photo Experience
Curated Catering
Event Production & Management


Create an unforgettable immersive launch event for key influencers and press that captures the beauty and power behind Revlon’s Candid product line. Drive home key product benefits, celebrate natural beauty, and inspire a significant PhotoReady Candid social media blitz.



1 product line, 2 big benefits: What’s In & What’s Out. Bringing the brand campaign to life, we split the raw space in two. One side represented the ingredients in Candid and the other, the elements blocked out when wearing it. Adorned with multiple reflective flourishes (furniture, catering, displays, etc.) guests could see their skin had nothing to hide with Candid. We created several sharable photo moments, including a mirrored room with light fixtures painted in all 31 shades of the foundation. Revlon model and spokeswoman, Ashley Graham, made an appearance, and spoke about makeup being for everyone - there’s no size, gender or religion required to wear it. Her IG post from that evening received 261K likes.